Last Devil

Version - v1.1.4 + 4.0





Last Devil is a Roguelite action shooting game. - You will play the role of the Last Devil, the savior of demons, - responsible for the survival and continuation of the demon race. - You will leave your castle bravely, and set foot on the battlefield to find your way to survive. - Use your special abilities and charms of your lower body to capture different tribes, - personalities and fetish traits to assist your character to protect the demons.​

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Version v1.1.4 + 4.0
Developer Sand Traveler
OS Windows
Language English, Japanese, Chinese
Thread Updated 2023-03-16



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JackJosh T_T
Well, just played this early access and here's what I can say: The game is a roguelike. You will have to constantly go through + - rooms of the same type with artifacts, some of which are more important than others (as always, in principle) So far there are literally 3-4 18+ scenes. So it's better to wait a little until 1-2 updates come out at least. But it's worth playing