Corrupted Love

Version - 0.8.7a





This is a story that revolves around the events of Max's life. - Max took a gamble on a crypto currency and it paid off, he now never has to worry about money again. - With the money, he bought all the things he has always wanted. - In his youth he moved from one lady to the next, but never had the urge to settle down and start a family. - As time went by he always felt like there was something missing from his life..​

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Version 0.8.7a
Developer RIC0H SubcribeStar
OS Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language English
Thread Updated 2024-06-11



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Although the game doesn't have music or sound, it has good content, I hope it improves in the next updates, I look forward to it


There is version 0.7.2 but is cut of loli content


Really like this game can't wait 4 updates great job to the devs.


(continuing) Most of the options that the game gives us are: "take it further" or "dont risk it". A few choices lead to game over, but some are quite inconsistent with the characters. It's an ordinary game, but people who have this fetish might like it, despite the bad writing.


The game has no music or sounds. The renders are just ok. not that good. Dialogues are quick. You can change the age of the daughter of the woman you met in the market. The default is that she will turn 18. It has a quick menu with auto, skip etc. It has option of dialog box opacity and font size. *Spoiler* The situation is kind of absurd: you're rich and you go to the market and there buy a birthday cake for a teenager who acts like a child, because her mother has no money. so you give them a ride and end up inside their house. the girl says she wants you to be her daddy. she jumps on you. the mother tells you to go to the bathroom and clean her (which is absurd), and the daughter says she wants the mc to do it. so it's very unreal. she kisses the mc on the mouth, and the mc says he will want more kisses like that. she says if he becomes her daddy she will kiss him all the time. Most of the game is like this, with dialogues and unlikely situations.