The Falling Reloaded

Version - Chapter 5





At the beginning of time, you play an angel who was banished from heaven to hell when he was just a child. - Since his childhood, he is tortured in hell and finally he suffers from personality disorder. - The personalities which is in his mind help him (you) to not go mad because of torture. - He has tortured a lot since he was a kid so he become an insensitive person. - During his time in hell, his mood turns into a dark mood. - When he gets stronger enough, he kills the demon that tortures him and begins to look for a way out of hell. - In hell, he meets a woman who shares almost the same faith with him, and they become friends.. - His only aim is going home, but it won't be that easy.​

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Version Chapter 5
Developer WhiteBear
OS Window, Linux, Mac, Android
Language English
Thread Updated 2023-09-19



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I love EVERYTHING in this game, everything is so perfect, acting characters are so perfect, its starting to get hot, and I like that tension!!!


What a nice piece of cake. The story is one of a kind, well done. I like that there is something to look at, but there are not sex scenes everywhere, because then we will appreciate it more if we get one, including incest. Sneaky peak, etc., I played about 4 hours and im just at Chapter 2 so a long gameplay is coming, and I like it, the story is very addictive. I love the game, I hope there is some animations too.


Good game. Nice renders and nice story