Acerto de contas

Version - 0.1





Acerto de contas is a visual novel based on choices - With 3d animations where the player will choose the direction of everything - Keeping or discarding some characters will be your choice. - Think about your choices carefully this will impact the end of your story - Spoiler: More - A little bit about history. - Forced to leave his home his friends and learn that his mother was murdered - and for his own father, no time to cry for his own mother is now forced - to disappear and forget who you are fortunately you still have friends in whom you - you can trust, now together with two girls who will be your right and left arm - and a message from your mother it's up to you to decide whether to embark on this adventure - with intrigues and revelations about your past or you'll forget everything - Swear for Justice or for Revenge - Have it all or give up some things for the greater good - It's up to you to decide... no regrets - The reckoning starts now...

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