The Mansion

Version - 0.94.5





After being fired from your job, you head to your girlfriend's house, but your world collapses when you find her with another man. Abandoned and without direction, you receive an unexpected message from a childhood friend, inviting you to stay at his luxurious mansion. You accept his offer, seeking a new beginning and the chance to heal. - However, upon arriving at the mansion, you realize that things aren't as they seem. Your friend appears to be more mysterious than you remembered, and his dark demeanor begins to raise doubts. As you explore the property, you encounter various women, each trapped in their own story and entangled in a complex relationship with your friend. - As the days pass, the sinister secret of your friend starts to unravel. You uncover hidden clues and face moral dilemmas as you try to discover the truth behind the mansion's elegant facade. Some of the women begin to disappear mysteriously, and you must save them from whoever or whatever has abducted them.​

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