Viv: The Game

Version - 0.2.6





Pawer Hill is a city in which anthropomorphic animals of different species and sizes live, the crime rate grows every year. - The main character is a squirrel named Vivien, who lives her boring and mundane life, she is tired of work, tired of boring life, but she is too cowardly to get out of her comfort zone. But suddenly the world around her begins to change in a strange way, events begin to fall on her shoulders one by one forcing Vivien to change, her character depends on the player, among Viv's stats are domination, manners, stress, corruption, and madness points.Depending on your actions, stats can get a positive or negative value, which will affect your progress, opening a new path and closing another, because, for example, a sabmissive Vivien cannot argue with a larger species and a dominant cannot pretend to be weak and manipulate. - Be careful and listen to Vivien's intuition, if her stress level rises too high, irreparable things will happen.​

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