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In order to rescue her captured friend, the apprentice priestess, Flode, heads to the isle of Cerbes. - But now that she's there, she must work and fight to earn enough money to get by on the isolated island. - Luckily for her, she has a deity lending its power to protect her from the evil she'll encounter.​

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Version 1.07
Developer Shimobashira WorkshopKagura Games
OS Windows
Language English
Thread Updated 2021-3-2



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It has a very rich world. Plenty of lore, and places to explore in a cycle of day and night, each being slightly different from the other. It is one of the slow corruption games, female protag is a puritan but slowly gets to become a slut. Combat is straight rpgm with attacks, magic, and items to be used against monsters and some creatures that want to do naughty things. But the biggest problem is the mediocre art. It is very subpar, with some kind of animation that simply looks horrible, as if someone is moving static images in paint. That and the protag rarely change facial expression. At least you need to make a dozen to emulate some kind of life for your characters. Besides the bad art, the corruption is awfully paced, in a moment protag is horrified by the idea of sex, then like a press of a button she is asking to swallow more cum. It is just too fast, kinda ruins the idea of corruption.