Guilty Pleasure

Version - 0.37





The game starts with a normal morning, in which you get a call from your best friend, - who wants your help in planning the high school graduation party. - What you didn't expect, was that this little party would awaken new feelings in you, and in the person now closest to you. - These feelings will have a long-reaching effect on your life and on your household dynamic, - as the two of you start to pull those you care about into your newfound Guilty Pleasure.​

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Version 0.37
Developer Quonix Subscribestar
OS Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language English
Thread Updated 2024-06-26



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(version before 0.24) The game has music, quickmenu with skip, auto etc. The renders are good. The girls are pretty, but the 3dcg pussy's models aren't the best. Animations are not good. and the good ones are preconfigured that we see in several games. There are a lot of renders per scene, but I found the writing very bland. Things unfold without any pepper. It's basically a kinetic novel. If you are reading everything, you will only find options very far ahead and they are not important. then the game goes back to kinetic story mode and more hours and hours without being able to decide anything. And it's a pretty boring story! There are much better games with the theme and I recommend playing them first: Summertime Saga, Heart Problems, Demon Boy (EroMersive), Milfy City, Photo Hunt, Bad Bobby Saga, Above the Clouds, Monkey Business, Infinity: Love or Lust, Proud Father, 16 years later!, Lost Life, Daddy Daughter Love, Duality, Cohabitation, Life in Santa County


The Mega link of version 0.10 is down and when you download from it gives an error when unzipping


Nice Teaser, now we are waiting for much more contet of course ;) And please consider adding sexual sounds as well, totally improves the scenes!