Anno Domini Godfather

Version - Final





Become the godfather of the medieval world. - The Fairy Tale Adventure series introduces the first installment: Anno Domini. - This is an adult RPG adventure that takes you down a path of fairy tales. - You are a simple huntsman living in the legendary kingdom of Asteria, a land ruled by a tyrannical Queen and her daughter. - With the help of a few trusted men and the tight grip of your sword you build up a powerful outlaw group based in the center of Asteria. - Within your first few years you establish your presence as the city's most ruthless band with one and only goal. - To claim your place as the king of Asteria. - As your journey grows deeper you will begin to encroach into a darker world where fairy tale nightmares are very real and discover the deepest secrets of all nations. - What you do with that knowledge is entirely to your desire.​

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