Sing for me, my heart!

Version - Ep. 2

This is a Ren'py edition of my comic (). Its a kinetic novel for those who want to read this comic as a visual novel. - Spoiler - Mike is 21 years old. He lives in a private house with his family. - He is surronded by only women, his mother and younger sister. - He hadn't seen his father since he was born. But honestly, Mike doesn't care where his father is. - He likes to live here and now. - mike is in College and spends all his free time on the computer. - Surprisingly, he doesn't pay attention to the women he shares a house with. - But there comes a day when his aunt comes to his house. - The day when Mike begins to feel a change in his feelings. - On this day, his story begins. - A story of love, lust and life!

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