Blackmailing the Family

Version - 0.11b





The MC finds himself popping in at just the right moment. He begins to blackmail members of his family. He also finds a big secret about his family's history. But he doesn't limit the blackmail to just the family. There are his teacher and principal as well. His plans are to open a porn film company and will use any means to get people to take part in his films.​

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Version 0.11b
Developer Warped Minds Productions SubscribestarFaceBook
OS Windows, Linux, Mac
Language English
Thread Updated 2023-03-19



Recent Comments


This game is so bad it's funny. It has no story, is poorly written, and absurdly unrealistic. You are on the street watching your sister kissing a black guy and in the next frame you are already inside the house watching your mother having sex with a guy in the living room. The game looks like a jumble of random scenes glued together. In the first few minutes you are already blackmailing your mother to see her naked and masturbating, calling her a whore. And she even likes to see your penis. It's quite unrealistic. The next minute your sister is already sucking your cock. It's all very fast and unreal. What it does is not sexually stimulating. Interestingly, the game ends if you don't have sex with your mother, interrupting all other game paths. What does not make sense. You fuck old women, homeless women, and other nasty things. 3DCG is not good and has no animations. If you are interested in the content of this game, a game like this only better is Bad Bobby Saga.


It's very rare to find a game that is full of almost every kink I enjoy. This is one of those games. I get excited when I see an update, then get sad when the game ends