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An open world sandbox game with no pre-planned plot. All NPCs and events in the game are generated depending on the actions, preferences, and desires of the main character. Emphasis is placed on gaining complete freedom to interact with the environment. There are no pre-planned endings in the game, but there are always choices and their consequences. To try something you can't afford in the real world or just have fun, it's up to you. The project continues to evolve given the wishes and ideas of the players.​

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Version 0.94.2 Public
Developer about_it Buymeacoffee
OS Windows
Language English (MTL), Russian
Thread Updated 2022-05-11



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The game has continued evolving since my comment. The dev is actively working on it, helped by the fans. Sex mechanics have been widely enhanced to allow realistic gangbang scenes and to give people participating to it a real personnality. A new career has been added too (flight attendant). So still the best QSP game I have tried. From far.


Probably one of the most "really sandbox" game I've ever tried in the QSP/HTML categories. The English is quite good for a Russian game and mostly understandable. The range of choices to work for your living and to make it better is quite wide. It takes time, but the obvious choice to indulge in sexuality to get faster has a drawback: STDs. Maybe a "little" too much of them, far enough to consider choosing the wise and reasonable way sometimes. But there is room to remain a virgin and to get an honest and well-payed job, or even meet a man (or a woman), marry him (or her) and raise a family. If you choose otherwise, one advice: save, save, save!