A Part in a Play

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It's your last week at high school and you're in a desperate situation. You will need to do anything you can to get the extra credits you need to graduate. Your dignity is unlikely to make it out the other side, but maybe if you make the right choices you won't end up on the streets. - This is a 60,000 word, choice based game with ten different endings.​

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Version 1.0.0
Developer manofhisword TFGamesSite
OS Windows, Linux, Mac
Language English
Thread Updated 2020-05-25



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Uh... Er... Okaaaayyyy... It's good, but not totally related to the tags. Fortunately, it's short and it can be fun. And nothing too sexual. SPOILER ALERT - Just one advide if you intend to play this game: just be extra careful to perfectly know the history of Henry VIII before taking the final exam. It will determine if you're a loser or a nice young man with a bright future. However, the game is original and the scenario, apart from a major incoherence such as wearing a theater costume and make-up over two days (probably without taking a shower*), leads you through a hectic week questioning about some important issues of becoming a woman... temporarily. * Actually, I admit no woman would do that!