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The basic story is about your revenge. When You was a little boy, your parents killed, and when you grow up, you want to destroy the company who killed your parents. To do that you have to transform yourself into a woman. Different quest needs a different body to do it so you will keep changing your body and your mind. Nios is the new text editor/writer. He starts improving the texts in the game.​

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Version 0.4.6 Public
Developer mord TFGameSite
OS Windows, Linux, Mac
Language English
Thread Updated 2022-05-13



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Everything is scripted from A to Z. So don't dare clicking anywhere you're not meant to click, you bastard of a player !


And even looking like a woman, you still don't have any freedom! Go there, buy this (and only THIS, as nothing else is for sale at the shop), do that! This is no semi-open world, this is a VN Ren'py where you have to find the right HTML link to click on... for now. Maybe it means that your not fully a woman as of now. When you will be, there will be only one obvious link to click, and your transformation is terminated! (deep sigh)


And once again, the player cannot expect to feminize, even willingly, unless (1) he is submissive, (2) he stops masturbating and eventually (3) he becomes brainless. And still this f***** cage as a mandatory path. To be FORCED to feminize is the only way that you know. What a lack of finesse! Who will finally understand that a man dreaming of being the receiving part does not necessarily requires to submit, to stop fapping and to become a stupid bimbo? Is that your definition for "feminity", is that how you love your women and even your shemales? All of them, all the models you used in this game, are HAPPY shemales, some of them having a true ability to be dominant. So? You must draw the conclusion yourself: you know nothing about M2F psychology, or at least you miss some important information...