A Night with Laverne

Version - 1.0





In this Visual Novel - Spend one lovely night with the purest and thickest nun, Laverne!​

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Version 1.0
Developer SS2Sonic & Gats
OS Windows & Linux
Language English
Thread Updated 2019-05-27



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As for a Night with Laverne it's self, I don't have to tell you if you've seen the images that this is a very sexy game to boot, but ontop of that I find the writing and scenario of it all is very chill. I like that it's not so "In your face we're smashin now" and it's more of a believable encounter I find it to be a very calming game to unwind and pass some time with. The pacing of the game is pretty solid only I find it's a bit of a short experience though it is in the name, it is one night with laverne though I wouldn't mind if we got more nights Laverne's great. Have fun


This game's really good, if you want another game with the same kind of vibe but more going on try "Monolighter" by the same artist "Gats". In this visual novel and platformer experience you play as "Lensmen" a Robotic Street photographer with a camera for a head working for a magazine on the streets of a cyberpunk city colorful characters with rich personalities and very fun world building. The Lewd scenes and actitivies are fantastic. give it a shot https://www.steamygamer.com/games/monolighter