Happy Summer

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This game is about a 37yo man, who lives in a big house with Rosie (daughter) and Lucy (sister). Rosie is a 19 yo beautiful blonde. She tries to write stories and maybe someday she will be able to write a book. Her mother left her 4 years ago and now you need to take care of her as never before. Also, soon Lucy will come to your house and you will have a lot of fun with her and with other characters in the city - The high quality of the graphics, gameplay and story will not leave you indifferent.​

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Version 0.5.5
Developer Caizer Games
OS Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language English
Thread Updated 2023-09-11



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You live in a house with Rosie and Lucy. You can define what they are for you: daughter, sister, cousins, friends, etc. The game has no menu with AUTO, skip etc. Actually, the game doesn't have SKIP. CTRL works to omit the text box. So you have to click or press space to go through the dialogues and scenes that you've seen dozens or hundreds of times, because the grinding in this game is absurd! It's very repetitive and physically tiring to progress with the girls. The game DOESN'T GIVE YOU dialogue options and interactions are very limited. You need to repeat the same things to get relationship points (which unlocks new scenes). The game has no rollback. You have to keep your needs satisfied by clicking to use the toilet, shower, etc. The renders are good, and the few animations too. However, I QUIT playing, after hours and hours, I got a handjob. It's just not worth it! The game doesn't give you options and boils down to clicking and pressing space exhaustively.