Warlock and Boobs

Version - 0.344.0.3





Krowly always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams!​

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Version 0.344.0.3
Developer boobsgames TumblrGumroad (Tip Jar)Itch.io
OS Windows
Language English, Russian
Thread Updated 2021-10-14



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This game is simply amazing. Its a very interesting take of the Stardew Valley genre. In Warlock and Boobs you live in a tiny village with plenty of hot women and some guys. Each day has a morning, a daytime, evening and night. And all the characters have some script to follow for each day and time period. The complexity this creates is fantastic and very engaging because you want to explore the nearby villages or other maps to see what is happening. Besides this, there are relationship status with almost every character, and by helping them, doing quests etc, you get to open new dialog, sexual dialog that rewards you in scenes. And there is A LOT of scenes here, I'm am shocked by the number of art this game has, and not in a boring gallery, but actually integrated with the gameplay, since you can have sex with every enemy and you need to collect something from them this way. This has great potential, and I'm eager to see the full release.


i cant never get past the short urls link in any of these games. it says i hava adblock turned on, I DID NOT. i dont even have adblock installed. Sigh, the old site seems much better than this new one. (because its working)