Corruption Town

Version - 0.2b





Forced to flee their home, Agnes and Henry arrive in the grand city of Grimsburg, packed to the brim with ill-intentioned men. With the help of Otto, the innkeeper of the Limping Duck, they will have to claw their way into this hostile environment or succumb to it. Corruption Town is a pure corruption game with a slow progression, which happens through gameplay and scripted sequences.​

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Version 0.2b
Developer BoredBasmati
OS Windows, Linux, Mac
Language English
Thread Updated 2023-09-19



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Funny. It opens as an Unity game, but looks like a Ren'py for almost all features. Now about the game. Quite a classical "just in time" game with a small part of prediction. It is repetitive, but it's cool to challenge your previous results. There is a lot of room for more content, the base seems stall. Will the dev choose more corruption steps at the bar or opening new jobs? Variety would be fine, but more of the existing would probably be quicker and funnier. Nice casual game anyway.