Tome of Lust

Version - 0.7c





Tome of Lust follows Julia, an innocent young woman who is unjustly imprisoned. In her cell, Julia discovers a tome that grants her unparalleled magical power. As you go deeper into the story, you help Julia survive among savage male prisoners and the cruel guards. Hopefully, one day she will manage to escape the prison to reach freedom and seek her revenge.​

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Version 0.7c
Developer anoobj
OS Windows, Mac
Language English
Thread Updated 2024-06-11



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Quite an original gameplay for an RPGM game! Warning to those who will download it: it's good, but you must accept the idea that the tag "rape" is much more represented than the tag "sandbox". What kind of freedom could an innocent woman have while working in a men's prison, anyway? Apart from getting oversexed? So be warned: NSFW, as the female protagonist is constantly displayed having sex in humiliating poses. However, it's pleasant thanks to the skills tree, which helps to develop MC's endurance and damages to opponents. Overall, a good game.