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Do you want to build your own village? - Do you want to recruit your own army? - Do you want to raid a dungeon? - Do you want to be a nun?

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Version 0.6
Developer RowenneTheGreatGPatron
OS Windows
Language English
Thread Updated 2024-07-22



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This game looks promising from far, but actually... The MC is groped entering AND leaving the village, with a 1mn-long animation, which can't be skipped. The first dungeon is outside village, so you have to be groped twice. It wouldn't be a problem if the first enemy wouldn't be as strong as the MC, so you almost have to go back home after each combat, restore your HP/MP and go to the dungeon again. The first mob gives 3 XP (you need 50 XP to reach lvl 2) and you can loot 3 G (you need 300 G to build the first building). Do you understand why this game is boring? If not, try it and you will understand...