New Antioch

Version - 0.2





Is an adult visual novel set in a post-apocalyptic world, millenia after an ancient, civilisation-ending conflict. Mankind has regressed into another feudal age and, amid cutthroat politics, war without end, and a mysterious reproductive crisis, is on the long road to extinction. - You are Mateo (or a name of your choice); a feared enforcer in the service of a modest, yet influential mining province. You are the one they send out to confront their enemies, and send in when their pickaxes clink against...the unexpected. After injustice strikes, you are tasked in anger and desperation to infiltrate New Antioch--the capital city and crown jewel of your overlords--and see to its downfall. - In this original story, you'll come across unique factions, places, people, and stories, that contain romance, violence (incl. blood), and adult content. - You will decide the fate of New Antioch. - You will delve into dungeons thought lost to time. - You will discover who, or you really are.​

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