Divine Providence Fall

Version - 0.12





You have taken the initiative to come to an isekai full of magic. - However, you have absolutely no ability to use magic, nor do you have any superpowers or supernatural abilities, and your body is completely ordinary. - In this world, every person has the talent to become a magician, you are no match for any magician, and those gods on high can easily destroy planets. - When you know that your lover is in crisis, that you are involved in the malice of the whole isekai, and that you will have to face several of the most powerful gods. What did you feel? - You felt nothing. - For in the 23rd century, there had once been countless civilizations in the universe. Before their histories were erased, they once described a civilization called Earth in this way - Like god. - Now, in another world, you shall aid and witness a cohort of maidens ascend to the zenith.

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