Enslaver - Dark path - PartTwo

Version - 0.4.0





THE SECOND CHAPTER OF JASON'S FIRST ADVENTURE. - PREQUEL: The free public version of (click) - Jason begins to enjoy the feeling of power more and more and somehow he expects everything to continue ever so easily and blissfully. - Will he decide to become a full-fledged member of arguably the most dangerous, (because of its crazy leader) criminal biker gang in the town? Or will he realize that a life of crime leads to nothing good? - Almost half of the Third Day has already passed, after the surprising departure of Principal Lewis, and Jason doesn't even realize that he has created a lot more and more dangerous enemies than the unpleasant and hating Jason for some reason principal of the elite St. George High School. - Will the young boy be able to realize his problems and deal with the bald bastard, or will he continue to indulge his criminal pleasures without a thought for the consequences? - Take part in the interesting times yet to come that await Jason and enjoy a life where he can't follow the rules. - WARNING! - ​

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