Enslaver - Dark path - PartTwo

Version - 0.4.0





THE SECOND CHAPTER OF JASON'S FIRST ADVENTURE. - PREQUEL: The free public version of (click) - Jason begins to enjoy the feeling of power more and more and somehow he expects everything to continue ever so easily and blissfully. - Will he decide to become a full-fledged member of arguably the most dangerous, (because of its crazy leader) criminal biker gang in the town? Or will he realize that a life of crime leads to nothing good? - Almost half of the Third Day has already passed, after the surprising departure of Principal Lewis, and Jason doesn't even realize that he has created a lot more and more dangerous enemies than the unpleasant and hating Jason for some reason principal of the elite St. George High School. - Will the young boy be able to realize his problems and deal with the bald bastard, or will he continue to indulge his criminal pleasures without a thought for the consequences? - Take part in the interesting times yet to come that await Jason and enjoy a life where he can't follow the rules. - WARNING! - ​

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Version 0.4.0
Developer MiloHazeFetishFactorySubscribeStarItch.io
OS Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language English
Thread Updated 2023-09-18



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(v 0.4.0) This game is rubbish! The only good thing is that it has quickmenu with auto, skip etc. There are several useless scenes, like the MC walking around the locations and there are several renders like that. And there are no interesting framing angles. It's all pretty poor artistically speaking. Animations are bad. In addition to the movements being poorly made, it is anatomically wrong. The MC puts his hand into a woman's anus but due to the angle his hand would go through the vagina. The MC is weird. Girls are weird. MC's dick is weird. They tried to make a foreskin but it looked really weird. The characters' 3DCG are not good. There is no music or sound effects. There are several absurd situations, with bad renderings and bad writing. It seems that this bizarre niche with sex with feces, violence, torture and things like that has little competition so developers make whatever crap for this type of audience. I do not recommend!