Chocolate Flavored Love

Version - 0.2





You play as Sirus, a graphic designer who lives in a really secluded and isolated life, - not satisfied with his life as he feels as he has nothing to look forward to. - until one day your boss called you and forces you to live with the new staff member joining the company. - The game is in a very rough state atm cause its my first, - please leave a feedback and suggestions to help me improve the game. - NO NTR / SCAT / Extreme Fetishes will beimplemented. - There won't be any sex scene till build 2-4, most likely 4 due to schedule. - If you want to just skip to the sex scenes, join the discord server and grab NSFW role : (Archived Sex scenes, you will be able to see them, but they wont be implemented in the game) - I am really sorry if there are typoes and wrong person saying texts. please do tell me where the problem is and ill fix it when next build comes. - THE CODE MESSED UP, PLEASE WAIT UNTIL I DELETE THIS MSG​

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