Secret Taboo

Version - 2.75





Is who moves to a new city with her Parents. She discover a note that might lead to secret your parents kept from you. Through the game she will be corrupted by the people you meet. This journey might turn her into something she has never wished for since her youth. Deep within her family jams a a dark serious secret. - It's a sandbox game that's still in development, but it mainly has more events than daily repeaters. In addition, I do audio and video clip editing at which I'm having fun.​

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Version 2.75
Developer Livervt Subscribestar
OS Windows
Language English
Thread Updated 2024-06-20



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Loading old saves is kinda scuffed. You can load an old save, but it's a convoluted process and despite following the instructions I still see no updates to the quests, so I don't know if there's any new content or if it's just plain broken. Either way the player should not have to go around figuring out if the save file works or not. The game is fine btw.


The game is probably presented the wrong way: what is supposed to be "corruption" actually is "submission". The corruption points are earned only through predefined more and more humiliating events, then the MC can move on to the next step allowing more corruption (submission that is). So don't expect to have the choice to corrupt the MC the way you want, you can only explore events you unlocked at each upgrade (this is the only freedom between predefined events). Therefore, the tags don't seem relevant, in particular with "domination" missing. I guess it will not find its true public, while it will deceive people downloading it for its tagged content.