Journey into Sissyhood

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Journey Into Sissyhood is a story about a young adult that will be transformed into a beautiful sissy. You will have to face naughty decisions that will lead to either a life of being a good sissy or a life full of naughty things, but don't be fooled, you can taste a little bit of both worlds if you choose to. - You will be asked to take quizzes and tests, you will be forced to listen to audio hypnosis and watch hypno porn loops. - Keep in mind that this is an alpha version and the game can be subjected to major changes in the future depending on the feedback that I will receive from the players. - There will be a slow transformation path that I am currently working on. And the gay stuff will become optional with the future releases.​

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Version 0.9.4 Patreon
Developer OnlyANoobSubscribestar
OS Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language English
Thread Updated 2024-06-19



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Disgusted and having no more fun, I however decided to push a little further. On the 4th day, the MC is forced (unavoidable with no choice) to get fucked and to beg for it by a stranger who is supposed to come in the name oh his father (that MC never knew). At the end of the scene, which can only be called a non-consensual rape, the MC is forced to take charge paying back a huge debt on behalf of his father, that he still doesn't know. MC will now be pushed to do things he will not like at all. But he is kind of a "sissy" now, and supposed to act accordingly, submissive and loving to be mistreated that is. At this point, I guess only pure masochists keep playing. Other players are gone. And I'm gone.


And a mandatory cage in the end! I clearly answered that wearing a cage was out of question in the initial test, I say again that I don't want to wear a cage as the choice does exist. But the scenario being what it is, this answer is wiped away because "This is what you want down deep inside of you, but you're still in denial yet". Er... Nope, this is a VERY CLEAR case of violation of consent. Period.


Ok, the "slow" transformation is supposed to be implemented now. However, "slow" might not be the right word. Taking it as slow as I could, MC went back home dressed as a woman on the 1st day (due to circumstances), then came back to work the next day dressed as a man. But unfortunately, there is no other choice than working dressed in women's clothes (circumstances), then went back dressed as a woman (why that?) and masturbated thinking to be a slutty woman (Uhhh... unavoidable), slept in a nightie (no other choices) and only plans to go to work dressed as a woman (with no other options). Er... I'd rather slow down, but it's not a soapy slope, it's a free fall. A fast and uncontrolled f***** free fall. So the initial test is still ignored.


The game starts well, with a 40 questions questionaire trying to determine what kind of feminization the player is up to. At this time, I had some hopes that it wouldn't turn as the same old cliche about submission and brainlessness. Maybe something with more complex motivations for dressing up, for once. But the next part proved me wrong: soon the dominatrix appears, asks questions and says the contrary of what the player just told if the answer doesn't conform to what was expected. The aswers to the initial questionaire seem to have disappear. In short, the player is supposed to be a whore craving for BBCs. I really hope future developments will respect player's choices. If not, it's the story I've heard much too many times already.