Version - 0.9.7





You play as Ciri, who has found out that people are disappearing in the village of Riverwood, and you need to find out what is happening there and deal with the monster. At the beginning of the game, Ciri is not interested in sex, and only you decide whether she will become a whore in a brothel or will kill werewolves and ghouls and earn a living from this.​

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Version 0.9.7
Developer Saragames
OS Windows
Language English
Thread Updated 2024-07-17



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Unusual QSP game. The short storyline is very linear. Well, apart from the fact that you must kill useless monsters to raise your Attack (long and boring), then kill your target (kind of a boss). You must be far stronger than it, as you have few HPs and it has 3, 5 or 10 times more HPs. Prepare a lot of healing potions as taking one or several of them doesn't count as a round. So bad quality combats. Then grind again and go to the next boss of the story. And you can also fuck occasionally to make money or serve your quest too. 7 rounds sucking, 8 rounds fucking and a final round for ejaculation (with an exception when the female hero can eventually swallow cum. Boring too. Not much of the liberty allowed in a QSP game...