Version - Chapter 3 V0.5.0





You'll play as a nobody, who could never get things right and never really cared much about it. But one fateful night you receive a visit of a magical creature that gives you powers. Now you'll be able to change your life using your new tools to find a hidden vocation. And the best part: you will do that by fucking whoever you want to.​

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Version Chapter 3 V0.5.0
Developer Dr.Wolfman Subscribestar
OS Windows
Language English
Thread Updated 2023-03-03



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A kind of proof-of-concept early version. Well, why not? One good point for the intro, you kinda always know what to answer to conform: just be a DICK to the max. The second part (sex scene) is more obscure, as the calculation is hidden. What did you do right? Or wrong? Which parameters should you work on? Nothing is explained, shown or even debriefed. That's where the game has to improve, in my opinion. However, not being really interested in strong, heavy scented, macho male roles, it's likely that I won't follow this game regularly. But there might be a public for it.