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You have to play as Sarah, this is a woman of 35 years old, she is very beautiful and almost everyone you meet wants to fuck her! - This game is Sex About Sex. There is no interesting story or hours of grind in Saragame. Of course you can work in an office or take dancing lessons, work as a model or wander the streets of the city, but that's not what this game is about. - Do you want to work in a brothel? OK! - Work as a teacher in a school and fuck students and other teachers? Welcome! - Being a whore in the ghetto? Sure! - To avoid errors in the game, use the player that is in the game folder​

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Version 1.0
Developer SaraGames
OS Windows
Language English, Russian
Thread Updated 2024-02-12



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It will take so much time to get something out of this game (sigh). First, MC works only 4 hours a day to earn just enough (200) to eat (50 x 2), go to center (50) and have a workout at the gym (50). So if MC wants to rentabilize, there are 2 methods: either suck the boss enough to get finally laid and earn more, or work / eat / sleep / sleep / eat / work / etc. until you save enough to workout 3 or 4 times in a row. Second, everybody wants to fuck the MC, the the photo shoot desperately turns out to be a no, again and again. Remark: I've not seen any difference since my comment a month ago. Maybe the dev is working (?) on a further content, but the basics still aren't ready.


How can such a heavy file be so empty of content from the beginning? You soon understand that the simple fact of eating will require some "sacrifices", though you are supposed to WORK (but only to have a boss, who will abuse the MC). Then MC goes to town and can choose out of 3 men who will eventually fuck her (for money, that is). MC also has a neighbor, who will fuck her. But she can also choose hooligans, who will rape her. Quite the end of the possibilities, in such a narrow "open" world. Retry each day to have the MC fucked or raped. Uh... Dev? De-ev? Where is the game???