My Dress-Up Looser

Version - 0.1





The game is inspired a lot by Summer Memories (god I love that game) with addion of my unique minigame that I created. - Main game mechanic is play around that minigame and I will be focusing primary on that. - Once its gonna be finished I will add more of sim management and narrative/story mechanics. - Minigame is kind of crossover of tower of trample game but instead, - of fighting with rpg maker battle system my minigame using custom made system. But idea is very similar! - Your goal is fill up bar above main enemy while you doing that enemy gonna preform ero moves on you. I - n this short concept there is one move on one pose - (there are 2 pose now) to demonstrate the idea. - Moves right now are just teasing but in the future there are gonna be more daring.​

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