My Ass Pass to Succubus Sexland!

Version - Final





Meisa, Rumi, and Riam are the three biggest (in more ways than one) names in high society, - way out of the grasp of your humble visual novel protagonist, - While lugging around boxes at a catering event these three beauties are attending, - the mischievous Meisa catches a glimpse of your, - package and decides you'd make the perfect prey for a late-night succubus snack! - However, she wasn't dealing with your average visual novel protagonist anymore, oh no, - you're the legendary visual novel protagonist! - After one shot, Meisa has gone from a seductress supreme to the perfect pet, ready to do whatever her new Master says. - Your first order of business is getting your hands on Rumi and Riam to complete the big titty trifecta, - and after that who knows? - Apparently, there is a whole world of succubi out there who could use a man like you!​

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