A Shot in the Dark

Version - 0.15





A Shot in the Dark is a choice-driven adult 3D visual novel about new possibilities and dark secrets. Navigate romance, relationships, and rivalry as a young man during your first semester of college. Can you make a fresh start, or will the past catch up with you?

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Version 0.15
Developer ViM Studios (Josselyn Stark and TheOmega) SubscribestarItchStudio Page
OS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language English
Thread Updated 2022-08-24



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I can't believe there are no reviews for this game! It's VERY GOOD! However, it only has one chapter. PROS: nice 3DCG. Beautiful girls. they are not static images like most VN. they wink, open mouth when talking. various facial expressions consistent with the text, they look to other directions, they move their head. This is something that I've never seen done so well on another VN. It's really well made. Not even in games as good as Beeing a Dik you find this.The songs are good. Not so good as in Beeing a Dik, but they are good. CONS: there are alerts that say when a choice will be important, irreversible, affect a relationship, etc. this kind of thing should NEVER exist in VN. We already have the option to SAVE the game, which is already a form of cheating. The animations are good but short! You choose to grope the breasts, and the animation passes once and ends.