Hard to Love

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Near-death experience usually forces many people to reminisce about their past, bright and happy memories. So does MC, reliving his most brilliant memory - his first love. And with old wounds still open and new yet to heal, Main Character is forced to go back to his parental house and his old dysfunctional family. Being stuck there, fighting demons of past and present, he wonders about love. Why did the girl he loved abandon him and their love child? Has she ever loved him? Is she alive and still remembers him? Should he move on and try to establish something new with someone else? Maybe with a woman he always looked up to? Or with his partners or friends? Someone else entirely? Or should he focus the rest of his life on raising his daughter right? Follow the MC on his paths of uncovering truths and fixing mistakes as he tries to sort out his love life and protect his daughter in Hard to Love.​

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Version 0.042
Developer Qori Gaming SubscribeStarItch.io
OS Windows, Linux, Mac
Language English
Thread Updated 2022-12-20



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Not a good game! Bad graphics in the options menu, text box, letters. Annoying sound effects, especially when you need to click to choose an action. Although the 3DCG is not that good, the images are beautiful, you can see an artistic quality in it, with blur, color grading etc. BUT the writing sucks! The dialogues are embarrassing and the behavior of the characters is quite idiotic. The game gives you stupid choices. It's a shame, as they would have the technical (visually speaking) ability to make a good game. It is neither sexually arousing nor romantic. Check out my favorite VNs: Summertime Saga, Beeing a Dik, Heart Problems, A Shot in the Dark, Milfy City, 16 years later!,Above the Clouds, Proud Father, What a Legend!, Bad Bobby Saga (if you like corruption), Daddy Daughter Love, Photo Hunt (if you have time to waste). Another game style, where your mouse "touches" the girls: "The Demon's Stele And The Dog Princess", and "Lost Life".