A Perfect Ten

Version - 0.11122





A Perfect Ten is an open exploration-based RPGMaker adventure game where you play as a college student living in Neo New York in the year 20XX. One day, a beautiful woman named Angela moves in next door...​

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Version 0.11122
Developer ExerGames
OS Windows, Browser
Language English
Thread Updated 2022-01-21



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First, it looks like an empty open-world with some NPCs. Then, you talk to useless NPCs, with no interactions. As recommended you go to the University to avoid getting scolded by your parents and eventually graduate, and eventually fuck the professor. After two days. No other choice as you seem to be the only student in the class. You'll be 'rewarded' if you pass first of class, which isn't hard. Then you go to the temp work agency to get money... sorry, a job... but also money. You're qualified and head to the only company you can work at. The whole building is desperately empty. Pretty much like the whole game. This game is a very very VERY early and empty version. Not sure it will develop in quality, though...