A Day in the Life Of

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Welcome to A day in the life of. - This is a game about an ordinary family that tries to make their way in the world. - And you are getting to tag along and make critical decisions for them. - You wake up, you are playing as the father of the family. You follow him through the day and get to make some, sometimes critical, choices for him. - At the end of the day you go to sleep. - Then you wake up again, but as who? - Everyday is a new day and you can decide for yourself as who you want to wake up as. - Want to be the wife and mother or rather the sister, father or daughter? - It is up to you. - Every person in this game has there own lives, will their lives and paths cross? - Maybe, maybe not, this is also up to you. - Choices influence not only you and your path, but also of the people around you, so choose wisely. - A seemingly small choice can have massive consequenses. - PLEASE NOTE: - This is not a (real) sandbox game, but more a cyoa type of game with multiple protagonist. - NOTE 2: - Please do not underestimate the consequences of the choices. They might not seem important at first, but they will be in the long run. - Replay the game, make different choices and you will find out differences.

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Version 0.08
Developer Erneiros
OS Windows, Linux, Mac
Language English
Thread Updated 2023-02-26



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Well, let's talk again about the multi-protagonists thing. TWO characters are available (unless I missed an action, but I don't think so). The wife's story, however, stops on Day 2 if you decide not to cheat on your beloved husband on Day 1. Whoa ! Not even restart Day 1 event. Just left as a 'No content' branch. Not sure I want to see the rest of it, it's just sex scenes I can probably watch in the repertory. Maybe the title should be changed from 'A day in the life of' to 'ONE day in the life of'...