Version - 0.5.1 Beta





Chosen by a demoness, you are destined to satiate lust in your slowly dying world... - - - After waking up to a magical sight, your world has been turned upside down. - Accepting the contract without much thought, forced you into a spiral of unforeseen circumstances, and need to take control over whats happening. - is a free game being developed, as of right now by a 1 man team, with a bit of help from some good samaritans. - The gameplay is aimed to be bendable to the players will, if you want just to get to the main spicy content then you won't have to skip 10 pages of dialogue in order to have fun, - if you want to immerse yourself in the world of this game, you are able to access additional lore and dialogue whenever you want to. - DISCLAIMER: - ​

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